Red line jewelry

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Stylish red line jewelry

Even today, in the XXI century, residents of many countries, USA among them, believe, that bijouterie is a cheap, often substandard replica of jewelry. If you, too, still think so, then you should take a closer look, for example, to the Italian masters. After all, real imported bijouterie is a piece of art and it does not matter at all, that it is made not out of precious materials.
Stylish red line jewelry has already managed to conquer the hearts of all Europeans. It can be found not only on small streets of cities, but also on red carpet paths. After all, even wealthy status movie stars understand, that the highlight is not in the price of the product, but in its beauty and grace.


On the shelves of jewelry stores there is a widest assortment of jewelry for any taste, but still they can be divided onto three main groups:

  • Elite red line jewelry with hints of jewelry, made out of pure handmaded silver or gold-plated steel. In order not to use precious stones, masters began to add a Murano glass, favored by everyone, artificial pearls and elegant transparent minerals.
  • Authors unique products, for production of which used unusual and rather coarse materials.
  • Ethnic style. For production there is used beads, decorative stones and unusual mother-of-pearl. Such jewelry will be especially appreciated by the girls, who are not afraid to look bright and unusual.

Types of products


In the spring-summer season 2018 brooches are at the peak of popularity. This is exactly the additional element, that will attract views and attention. It can be both very large and elegant, barely noticeable, glossy or made out of bright ceramics, to have a precise geometric shape or outlines of any figures, to perform both a practical function and an aesthetic one.
If you want to surprise everyone, it is not necessary to fasten a brooch on your chest, it can be placed on a skirt, if it suddenly has a smell.


Had attracted our attention back in the winter, but still firmly adhere to the podium. Chokers do not leave anyone indifferent, but if you are not already familiar with them, then we say: this is an decoration, that worn around neck. Unlike a normal necklace, it fits tightly to the body, but appears to be a strap.
Until recently, these decorations made of beads were worn by teenage girls and everywhere references to gothic were seen. But now this is a real breakthrough among bijouterie for all fashion women. Today they are made not out of beads, but fabric, leather, metal. Above, they can be decorated with absolutely different elements: from spikes to massive pendant elements.
Interestingly, wearing chokers is not necessarily on a bare neck, you can wear it on top of turtleneck, and even light scarfs.


If in the last season bracelets could be doubted, then the collections shows of famous designers in 2017 declare, that in the trend, again, massive bracelets. Very popular are the wide products, in the center of which there is a large stone that would attract attention.
Dreaming about something unusual, you can buy bracelets adorned with chains. Also, any outfit can be decorated with a leather accessory.


Unnoticeably standard earrings receded into the background and so-called cаffas attracted attention. They are more like clips, because they do not need to have pierced ears for their use. They come in different forms, but the principle of wearing is one – they cling to upper part of ears.
Caffas can be both miniature – for daytime walks, and evening – with lengthened chains and additional elements.
Do not forget that in this season you need to wear massive jewelry. So, when choosing a caffa, pay attention to the volumetric decorated products. They should be bright, with large stones and ornaments.
It should be noted that the models on the shows of some designers, went to the podium with only one earring in the ears. This adds to the girl both charisma and mystery.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the decorations in this season are very massive, which means that they can pull ears and damage lobes. Therefore, for prevention, it is sometimes better to wear earrings, made out of medical steel.
If we still remember about earrings, then in this season will be popular earrings in the form of a cascade or long chains, decorated with colorful glass elements. Attention is also paid to the floral ornament, which has become less elegant and more cumbersome, but still attracts views.


Rings loved by all people. Rings, like all other decorations of this season, simply have to be massive. They can be both aggressive and elegant enough, decorated with a couple of large stones. Such large rings can be combined with thin rings, worn on phalanx of the same finger.
Fashion still does not come out of the ring for the whole finger. Such models nevertheless look neatly on the hand, and what is important is that the surrounding people simply can not overlook them.


It is not necessary to skimp on decorations this season. Therefore, such a rare detail as a diadem becomes very actual. Tiaras can be used to emphasize natural styling, and dynamic curls.


Chokers are not the only way to decorate a female neck, although they are at the peak of popularity. Necklaces are still actual. But this time they do not necessarily have to be elegant, its time to combine them with each other. You can take, for example, a massive chain and combine it with pearl beads.

  • If you want to surprise everyone with variegated necklace, then clothes should be selected in more restrained tones, otherwise your decoration will simply go unnoticed.
  • For the most part, massive decorations around neck are suitable for fragile girls, when buying it is worth paying attention to this aspect as the type of figure.

Stylish recommendations

  • red line jewelry, that are diligently seeking to look like jewelry still remain in the background. Although the classic incorruptible, but in the fashion now still leather, metallic and bulky volumes.
  • There are two basic laws: red line jewelry should be combined in color with the main look, or wear monochrome clothes and indecently bright decorative elements.
  • Rule of one accent. If you already have got a screaming bright bulky ring or a bracelet, then on ears it is preferable to put inconspicuous carnations.


In recent years, the popularity of red line jewelry has increased significantly. This is due to the fact that it is more universal and everyday, unlike jewelry. And of course, it is much easier to combine and mix with each other. In addition, the assortment of bijouterie is much wider and more unusual. Among it there is really an opportunity for picking up a decoration for any taste.